SOWDIV Region Contacts

Alamo Region (49)
James Kimbrough - RE

Centra Louisiana Region (60)
Mike Blazek - RE
Home: 225-603-3528
Delta Region (9)
Derek Wedgeworth - RE
Houston Region (32)
James W. Rogerson - RE
Home: 713-408-2624
Lone Star Region (98)
Jerry Wannarka
Red River Region (78)
Justin Hobart - RE
Southwest Louisiana Region (44)
Rachel Craft - RE
South Texas Border Region (69)
James Clem - RE
Texas Region (DFW) (41)
Bob Neff - RE
West Texas Region (37)
Dustin Harrington - RE

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  • JH: Deana, why don’t we begin where it all started, in terms of Autocross. Tell us about what got you into Autocross, and maybe give us some insight as to your overall experience. DK: Well, I started in 2011. My college...Read...

  • David Smith, a teenager from Florida, is an avid fan of sports car racing.  He and his father, Steve, make it a custom to attend the Rolex 24 at Daytona, and David amassed a nifty collection of memorabilia that included...

  • TOPEKA, Kan. (March 15, 2018) -- The Sports Car Club of America’s Time Trials Board released a series of updates to the proposed Time Trials Nationals rules and it is available online...Read more

  • Designed to grow the Sports Car Club of America® at all levels, Track Night in America Driven by Tire Rack is now investing directly in regions thanks to the new Track Night Region Development Grant. Funded with $50,000 in...Read more

  • This weekend concluded the back-to-back Tire Rack SCCA weekends in Ft Myers, Florida with the 2nd annual Tire Rack Ft Myers ProSolo. The two big debuts for this event were the RaceChick contingency supporting the ladies...Read more

  • Unlike most forms of racing, RallyCross® doesn’t have the luxury of competing on established racetracks or existing roads. RallyCross requires open spaces such as grass fields, farmlands, fairgrounds or undeveloped...Read more